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Intervalometer / Time-lapse Infrared remote control for

Nikon ML-L3 remote controlled enabled digital cameras.

The TL-lite measures (65x35x24mm) weighs 30 grams and is powered by one 3 volt CR2032 battery.

Battery life over 300 hours continuous use with theTL-Lite set at one shutter trigger every 4 seconds.

The TL-Lite has one infrared led which sends the shutter trigger to the camera.

One green led for indicating preset, memory selected and shutter trigger

and three tactile white switches to control theTL-Lite.

The TL-Lite has 15 pre programmed delay values ranging from 1second to 8 minutes

organised into 3 preset ranges with 5 memories.

Plus 2 user programmable ranges.

Range one 1 second to 960 seconds ( 16 minutes ) with a resolution of 0.125 of a second.

Range two 10 seconds to 9600 seconds ( 160 minutes ) with a resolution of 1.25 seconds.

You need to setup your camera for using an infrared remote release.

The Nikon TL-Lite is compatible with cameras that can use the Nikon ML-L3 infrared remote control.

Nikon compatible cameras

D5100, D5000, D3000, D90, D80, D70S, D70, D50, D60, D40, Nikon 1 J1

Please note

Maximum frame rate will be dependent on the camera speed,

camera file mode (raw files take longer to process and store), camera exposure time and memory card speed.

Maximum delay times will be dependent on model and manufacturer of the camera.

Nikon TL-Lite Intervalometer